Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The situation in Libya has weighed heavily on everyone's minds these last few weeks.  The acts of brutality that Col. Qadhafi has committed against his own people are repulsive.  It was heartening to witness the international community's decision to put an end to these atrocities by enacting UN Security Council Resolution 1973.  The decision to move forward with military action in Libya was not an easy one, nor was it taken lightly.  In some exceptional circumstances, however, force must be used to safeguard the liberty and well-being of innocent people.  This was clearly such a case.

The United States is working with its European allies’ armed forces to establish and enforce a no-fly zone to protect the Libyan people.  We are also contributing material and financial resources to provide humanitarian assistance to the Libyan people.  Iceland’s support for UN Security Council Resolution 1973 and its financial assistance to the region reflects the best of Iceland’s humanitarian traditions.  Iceland's continued engagement is needed as the international community debates options on giving the Libyan people a path to democracy, liberty and basic human rights.