Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cruising in an American Classic

Iceland and the United States are connected in many ways. One of them is the passion that many of our citizens have for antique and classic American automobiles. This past week, our good friend Arni Sigurdsson invited Mary and I to participate in the traditional Thursday evening parade of antique automobiles in downtown Reykjavik. The event starts at the Kruser’s Club where classic car enthusiasts bring their cars and park them to be beholden. The collection ranges from early 20th century models all the way up to seventies and eighties (I can say that it is quite sobering to know that I remember when some of these models were launched). At around 9:00 pm, the caravan of classics leaves the club to cruise down Laugavegur and the lower downtown. The best part of the experience was watching the facial expressions of tourists as well as Icelanders when they see such a collection of vehicles up close and personal. I rode in Arni’s 1978 Dodge Diplomat Station Wagon, a “woodie” complete with a built-in CB radio - the perfect vehicle for shuttle diplomacy.