Monday, June 3, 2013

Vatnajökull National Park - The southern part

The next portion of our trip took us to Fjallsárlón lake - a beautiful glacial lake hidden behind a ridge. This is the place where certain tourists were stranded in the middle of the lake when the piece of ice on which they were having their picnic decided to break away.  It was the picnic that was heard (and seen) around the world!  We then stopped in Suðursveit-- the birthplace of Þórbergur Þórðarson an author who taught us to hear the rocks speak their wisdom.  Þórðarson was a renaissance man, prolific writer and social commentator. He famously said "My only wealth is philosophy" and "My only pride is wisdom."  The last sightseeing stop was the drifting glacial ice that landed on the beach across from Jökulsárlón.  They are easily some of nature's most beautiful sculptures. There are so many possibilities for cooperation between Iceland and the United States. Our proud history in establishing and operating national parks might offer Iceland with ideas as they strengthen their parks the Icelandic way to protect the jewels of Icelandic nature while educating and inspiring the growing numbers of visitors.