Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Snorri and the Sigudur Nordal Institute Programs

We had the pleasure of welcoming to the residence this year’s participants in the Snorri and Sigurdur Nordal programs. The Snorri program is a 6-week seminar for American and Canadian youth of Icelandic descent. The purpose of the program is to encourage participants to learn, nurture, and preserve the Icelandic cultural heritage in the multicultural societies of the United States and Canada. The Sigurdur Nordal Institute program, in partnership with the Arni Magnusson Institute, runs a joint course in Modern Icelandic for Undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota. Participants spend three weeks at the University of Iceland learning Icelandic and about Icelandic culture, society, and history. My conversation with these students was a reassuring reminder that future relations between Iceland and the United States will be in good hands.