Friday, May 24, 2013

Teledyne Gavia – a high tech American company with a heavy Icelandic twist

We were delighted to visit Teledyne Gavia’s facilities in Kópavogur.  They build Underwater Autonomous Vehicles (UAVs) used for mapping, exploring, and other specialized underwater work. The story behind Teledyne Gavia epitomizes the potential of American/Icelandic partnerships.  It began when a small Icelandic company, Hafmynd, started to design, build, and sell UAVs in the international market.  The high quality of its products caught the attention of Teledyne, a major high tech American company, and talks began.  Teledyne acquired Hafmynd and the combination of Icelandic and American technology in this field produced highly competitive products that are generating new jobs in Iceland and the UnitedStates as well as exports from both countries.