Friday, May 24, 2013

AMIS celebrates its first year with impressive accomplishments

We were invited to participate in the celebration of the first year of the re-established American Icelandic Chamber of Commerce (AMIS).  The Chamber has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments in its quest to strengthen business relations between the United States and Iceland. In only one year, it has organized discussions and events on trade policy, the Arctic, business opportunities with Alaska, U.S.-Icelandic cooperation on geothermal energy and U.S.-Icelandic scientific cooperation.  It has also supported educational exchanges and sponsored the America Days promotion of Iceland’s unique ties to the United States.  On the fun side, AMIS was a major sponsor of the Embassy’s party on the night of the U.S. presidential election.  AMIS also began building links with other U.S. business chambers in the Nordic region, which promises to create even more opportunities for U.S. firms in Iceland and Icelandic firms doing business with the United States.   The United States is privileged to have AMIS as a partner in Iceland.