Tuesday, April 9, 2013

“Oblivion” opens in Iceland in a few days; can’t wait to see the Icelandic scenes

About a year ago, I learned that Iceland was one of the locations where the futuristic film “Oblivion” would be filmed in the summer.  Under a pretty tight shroud of secrecy, I visited one of the filming locations where a crew was building an amazing set in the Icelandic mountains near the road to Sprengisandur.  It was a desolate yet beautiful landscape and certainly an unlikely place to find the remains of a world renowned landmark, but this is Hollywood and the movie is about a cataclysmic war on planet earth.   Later in the summer, we had a good number of actors and members of the crew attend our 4th of July reception to celebrate our independence.   It was great to meet them and to learn about the magic that Hollywood creates.