Monday, April 15, 2013

Enjoying things Icelandic

During my spare time this past week I had a chance to experience two of the most enjoyable Icelandic pastimes. It began with a weekend visit to the farm near Selfoss where our beloved Icelandic sheepdog Brenna was born. It was a family reunion of sorts and I am told the first time in many, many years, when three brown Icelandic sheepdogs are together. Evidently, the color brown in Icelandic sheepdogs had nearly disappeared. The photo shows Brenna, her mother Njála, and her stepfather Kersins Undramundur. The other Icelandic pastime that is impossible to get enough of is fishing. A colleague and I went to the Tungulækur river to try our luck at fishing. Getting out in the open with the majestic Vatnajokull glacier in the background, swinging your fishing rod in freezing weather (it was easily -2 C), and catching a magnificent sea trout can only happen in Iceland. It was a nearly religious experience.