Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Education, education, education…

April was a great month for building and strengthening educational ties between Iceland and the United States. We welcomed representatives from 17 American colleges and universities who came to introduce Icelandic students to the broad range of educational opportunities in the United States. I am proud to say that among them was the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee—my Alma Mater.

The schools held an event at the Commercial College (Verslunnarskólinn) where several hundred high school and university students attended information sessions and asked many questions about the schools. At the end of the day, every participant from the United States told me how impressed they were with the quality of the Icelandic students and their interest in the United States. I also had the opportunity to meet a group of MBA students from the Harvard Business School who were visiting Iceland to explore its accomplishments in the renewable energy field. We met during a briefing by Carbon Recycling International-a world leader in the production of renewable methanol from carbon dioxide.