Friday, January 4, 2013

Chevy Volt – a perfect fit for Iceland

I had the pleasure of driving the Chevy Volt and learning about its capabilities. It is the first long range electric vehicle on the mass market and the winner of many awards. I believe that the vehicle could make a significant contribution towards making Iceland the first country in the world to rely 100% on renewable energy. The vehicle is reportedly capable of traveling 60 km without a single charge and this could be extended depending on driving practices, since the vehicle charges its batteries while moving. Given the size of Reykjavik and driving patterns here, a commuter could conceivably use the vehicle all week without ever using gasoline. Think about it. It is truly revolutionary. I look forward to the unveiling later today of the vehicle for the Icelandic market; Icelanders will immediately see the potential for moving ever closer to a future powered 100% by renewable energy.