Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reykjavik’s Children Hospital – where love and devotion intersect

Dr. Oliver invited Mary and me to visit Children’s Hospital to be a part of one of her weekly performances, which she has been conducting for nearly twenty-two years. She brings smiles to the hospital’s beautiful patients and dedicated staff; her performances are whimsical, funny, and above all, very loving. Dr. Oliver does this by teaming up with the doctors, nurses, and chaplains, all of whom happily join in the fun.

It is difficult to capture in words the sense of mission and love one senses when walking into the building. It is a unique institution that enjoys the strong and unsurpassed support of Hringurinn—a 100-year-old foundation of Icelandic women dedicated to bring the best possible care to Iceland’s children. Mary and I were touched to be a part of Dr. Oliver’s work and very proud indeed to know that Dr. Oliver is Peggy Helgason, an American who gives so much of herself to Iceland’s children. Just before we left, a young patient sang a beautiful Icelandic song for us; it was a reminder that angels live among us.