Monday, December 31, 2012

Celebrating the end of the business year

I was a guest at the end-of-year reception hosted by Viðskiptablaðið, Iceland’s pre-eminent business publication, which is tradionally used to name and honor the Businessman of the Year. Congratulations to this year´s recipient, Björgólfur Jóhannsson, Chairman of the Board for Icelandair. Under his stewardship Icelandair´s shares soared and the airline expanded its network of destinations both in  and the United States. The event was well attended by Iceland´s top business leadership and one could sense the vibrancy and a sense of optimism about Iceland´s future. We have experienced some of this in the U.S.-Icelandic business relationship as reflected by the establishment of the American Icelandic Chamber of Commerce, large American investments in Actavis and DeCode, a significant increase in Hollywood productions in Iceland, as well as Icelandair´s decision to expand its fleet with a significant purchase of new Boeing aircraft. We look forward to a further expansion of American and Icelandic business ties.