Monday, March 11, 2013

Blái Naglinn (The Blue Nail) – A story of courage and inspiration

I had the pleasure of welcoming Jóhannes Reynisson at the Residence. He is one of those amazing Icelanders who excel in the face of adversity. His story, told in the Blue Nail documentary, is about the challenges that confront a man diagnosed with prostate cancer. In a most intimate and powerful story, Johanness shows us how adversity can be turned into a force of good. Jóhannes conceived the project the Blue Nail (as a counterpart to the pink ribbon campaign to fight breast cancer) as a way to raise awareness about the disease and raise funds to support the work of Icelandic hospitals in fighting it. Jóhannes wants to bring his campaign to the United States and I have no doubt he will succeed as he has in Iceland.