Monday, May 2, 2011

Samhjalp – a shining light in Iceland

I had the privilege of volunteering for a few hours at the Samhjálp soup kitchen this past Saturday and it was an inspiring experience.  It was inspiring to observe first-hand the commitment of Vilhjálmur Svan Jóhannsson whose energy and creativity sustain a network of critically important service centers that support the neediest in Iceland.  His compassion and commitment constitute an instructive lesson for those of us who are blessed with families and jobs. I was also impressed by the energy of Samhjálp’s employees and other volunteers who worked relentlessly and enthusiastically to serve Samhjálp’s clients with a smile.  Several businesses (bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, caterers) provide support for Samhjálp, but more is needed, especially in these difficult times.  I would encourage readers to consider giving a few hours a month to help this cause: