Thursday, August 8, 2013

Húsavík prospects looking up

My first official stop on my trip to the north was a visit to Húsavík's Mayor, Culture Museum, and Whale Museum. The Mayor was cautiously optimistic about the region's future in light of possible investments by European firms. He noted the continued growth of whale watching and interest in further investment in tourist infrastructure. The Culture Museum recently received a national award for its exhibits highlighting the connections between nature and the Icelandic way of life over the last 100 years. The
Whale Museum was thriving with tourists interested to learn about these noble giants.

We love their recent addition which teaches and engages children on the preservation of these gentle and beautiful creatures. There is no question that whale watching is an enormously important industry in Iceland. It is thriving and generating much needed jobs and other economic activity.  I am pleased to note that the U.S. National Science Foundation has partnered with the Culture Museum Director to teach children about archeological research in the area, and that an American couple donated a significant amount in support of the Whale Museum.