Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Night in Iceland was thrilling

One of the biggest thrills for American diplomats is to be overseas on Presidential Election Day and to share election night with our hosts. Last night we were honored that so many of our Icelandic friends accepted our invitation to join us and wait for the election results.

We had well over 800 guests join us at an election night party at the Hilton that ended early this morning as results pointed to the re-election of our current President. While our democratic system is not perfect, it has served us well throughout our history and our citizens believe in it.

As for last night, it was inspiring for us to see so many young Icelanders join us and share in the revelry of watching democracy in action. The futures of both our nations rest on young people, their interest in our political processes, and their belief that they can make a difference. We saw that youthful dynamism in the United States and Iceland.