Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Skagaströnd - a nice blend of science, history, the arts and community

During a visit to the community of Skagaströnd, I found a vibrant and open community with a bright future. The town's leaders understand that their community must rely on a blend of the traditional (fisheries), science (the BioPol marine biotechnology company) and culture and the arts (the Nes Art Residency Program), while remembering Iceland's roots (the University of Iceland Research Center). Here's why:

 Want to have Omega 3 fatty acids without the fishy taste?

BioPol has isolated and produced Omega 3 fatty acids directly from the source: microalgae. The company envisions developing a product that is pure and can be blended with other ingredients to provide this important and healthy food component.

Want to learn and research Icelandic culture?

The University of Iceland established a cultural research center in Skagaströnd where scholars and students can use an impressive library of rare books with a focus on the humanities.

Want an art residency?

The Nes Art Residency Program offers unique opportunities for writers, sculptors, painters, dancers, photographers and multi-media specialists in a stunning and inspiring setting.

Want to have a taste of Country and Western music?

Yes, you read this correctly, Skagaströnd hosts Kántrýbær, a very special place where you can hear the latest country and western hits and taste some of the best steak in a western environment. If you are lucky, you can even meet Hallbjörn Hjartarson, Iceland's very own country music legend.

Want to know what the future brings?

Stop by the Museum of Prophecies where you will learn about Þórdís the fortune teller after whom the nearby mountain was named during the time of the Icelandic sagas.