Friday, September 23, 2011

Century Aluminum’s Norðurál plant -- a success story

Yesterday I had the chance to visit the Norðurál aluminum plant in Grundartangi and to hear about the “Icelandic“ model it has used for managing the company, for providing opportunities for Icelandic contractors, and for supporting the community.  The American owned plant is operated by highly skilled Icelandic employees.   After an investment of over $1 billion (118.66 milljarðar ISK ) the benefits to Iceland are evident:  over 500 direct jobs, increased Icelandic exports, and benefits for the communities surrounding the plant and Reykjavik.   Norðurál, for example, sponsors the the Akranes ÍA football team and also co-hosts one of Iceland's largest football tournaments for the younger generation.  The United States also benefits by having such close investment relations with Iceland.   I can understand why the community in Reykjanes looks forward to the establishment of a similar plant in their area.