Monday, August 22, 2011

Culture Night – a fabulous experience

Many people had told me that Culture Night would be a unique experience and they were right.   It started early in the morning with the Marathon and ½ Marathon.  While my time in the latter wasn’t that great, the energy of the run carried on to the rest of the day.   Early in the afternoon, the city of Seattle was honored to be the feature of City Hall’s festivities owing to the invitation by Mayor Jon Gnarr to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Sister City relationship between Seattle and Reykjavik.  It was so great to see so many Icelanders and their families enjoy the Quileute Nation’s traditions, performances by Tomten and Bob Culbertson, Bill Stafford’s photo exhibit, and for so many children to enjoy the puppet theater Giraffe & Staff.  I heard that the thousands of Icelanders who enjoyed a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee and Chateau Ste. Michelle wine were very impressed.  Finally I observed the many thousands who enjoyed the performance of the White Sox All Stars.  We are very energized by Reykjavik’s embrace of Seattle and we are determined to build on that goodwill.   Seattle and Reykjavik have much in common and we look forward to stronger ties between both cities.